Circulating pump of automotive antifreezing fluid is a necessary component of the engine. The gasket ring used in the circulating pump is an important component, it is / and the pressureless sintered silicon carbide ceramic gasket ring is the best choice for long service life, safety and reliability, no leakage of automobiles and prevention of environmental pollution. As tens of millions of vehicles are manufactured each year in the world, the quality of gasket ring is crucial for safe and reliable service of automobiles, and high-quality gasket ring can effectively improve the safety performance of the vehicle
  and reduce operating costs. Besides, ceramic pieces are abundantly used in automobiles and transport vehicles in order to improve material safety and operational reliability and reduce maintenance costs (for example: engine cylinder liners, valve top and other heat engine parts) in order to meet the heat engines' requirements of high temperature resistance and wear resistance. Engine cylinder liner made ??of silicon carbide ceramic can increase the service life of the engine from 10,000 hours, 500,000 km of the ordinary cylinder to 60,000 hours, 3,000,000 kilometers.




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